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Smappy collector is a partnership which will be carried out through Service Agreement between us and a freelancer/company. This means you should own a company ID or operate as a light entrepreneur. You can make money independently, with no strings attached. Start delivering for our customers with one of the highest rates on the market. Smappy is the first one in the Finnish market, offering effortless solution to shopping for groceries with just few clicks.

Smappy brings together grocery stores and online shoppers with cloud-based solution. One for the customers and other for the Smappy collectors, which can be you. We have developed a way to train our collectors in easy but effective way and with values of fast delivery and quality service. So what is Smappy Collector app exactly? It is a platform designed for our collectors to shop and deliver groceries for our customers. You can see pending orders and handle everything related to those effortlessly in the app. Smappy has developed the delivery service to be very time and cost saving and the methods are introduced to you before start. With every successful delivery, you will earn money.

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