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Sometimes the product we want is not available at the store. Get your money back or use it on your next order.

The biggest grocery delivery app

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Starting from €6.5!

SMAPPY will soon deliver your groceries at your
door. At the lowest price in the market.

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Cheapest grocery delivery service on the market

We offer our customers the most affordable grocery delivery service. Order from anywhere you want and enjoy saving money on groceries and gas. All you have to do is to download the app and start ordering some groceries. With Smappy you'll have more time for other things like family gatherings or work events.

Biggest selection of products in the market

We have a wide variety of products on the Smappy application. It's super easy to compare the products' prices between the supermarkets. This is how you will always get the cheapest and best products. You have a choice of ordering your groceries from the biggest supermarkets. You can also place an order from many different markets at the same time.

Downloading SMAPPY leads to a greener world.

Instead of many individual people driving to the stores, we made a service where one person is doing the grocery shopping and -delivering for many people at the same time. Transportation is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions so just by doing less grocery trips, it directly leads to smaller carbon footprint.

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